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Sep. 9th, 2015

Summer of 2015 has been a time of transitions for me. I'd been wanting to get out of town after losing the library, and in late March, a friend from the Smith LARP group said he needed a roommate for his Main Street apartment in Northampton. I moved in May 1st.

It's worked out pretty well. We're very different, but not to the point where we conflict much. We each have our own things going on, but interact enough that we're not lonely.
We moved again in late August to a condo that was slightly cheaper by the month and an investment (I am so lucky my parents support me.) We still need to put away some stuff and get things like a kitchen table, but eventually we'll be ready for a housewarming party.

I've also, finally, after much crying at my therapist and a couple sessions with an aspie-life-coach, gotten a job. Yankee Candle apparently works with a local temp agency to staff its factory; 8-hour shifts around the clock, five days a week with a mandatory 6th-day overtime. I took third shift because that's the only one that allows me to keep evening RPGs, the weekend LARP, and the game I run on Thursdays.

I was a night-owl, so I thought 10 PM to 6 AM would be fine. And it would be, if I didn't spend 7:20 of the 8 hours standing and working up repetitive stress injuries. And get randomly woken up in the morning, which just makes me sleepier. But the different tasks are interesting, the people are nice, I can keep to myself and sing without bothering anyone, and have thought up a lot of stories and scripts while on the line. I just need to write them down m(_ _;)m

I started Sunday night, August 16th, but I think my last day will be fairly soon. I applied to a local pet-sitting company. If that works out, I think I'll give my notice at Yankee and keep looking for another part-time or temp position. I think I'd be happier with two part-time positions than one unflexible 48-hour ache-fest (that I'd be let go from in 90 days anyway). And I'm lucky that I have that option.

What else has happened... I got a spotify? I had my first blackout experience at a routine blood donation in July, and spent six hours in the emergency room. I've been reading a lot and obsessively updating my goodreads. Age of Ultron was fun, and I liked a lot of the developments, but too much of it really rubbed me the wrong way. I'm apparently not alone in that.

My World of Darkness tabletop game's been going pretty well. The kids are enthusiastic and seem to like my NPCs and where the story's going, yay. A couple kids... embrace the fantasy a little differently. One thinks he's still in a D&D campaign where you can stab antagonists and rob people with impunity, and the other read "World of Darkness" and came up with the most dark and over-the-top thing he could think of. And keeps coming up with them. I appreciate the contribution, but crowbarring things like satanic cults and the Necronomicon into the plot is actually more work than coming up with something original.

And now I need to head to work. I'll try to write again soon.

May 2015 not suck

Need to do quick updates. Don't want to mire people in the TL;DR 9_9

I gave my two weeks notice at the library. Tomorrow's my last day. Not even six months, but it was way too long for my mental well-being.

My hatred is making me a worse person.Collapse )

What burns me up most is that we trusted these people. They were our friends when we first came to town, they welcomed us. And now we see the greedy, lazy, nepotistic side and there's nothing we can really do. We've devoted so much time and money to fundraising to helping out the library only to find out that the board will piss it away on their incompetent drinking buddy. So fuck them. No matter what hopes we had for the place, or how much better the kids deserve, they've made it clear that it's no longer my concern.

I've got good experience for my resume now, so I'm going to be sending that out, while I work on writing projects. I did win NaNoWriMo, and got some gems out of that I can polish up and develop. There's one plot niggling kinda based on my experiences.

In other news, I've been throwing myself into the Changeling RPG, seeing new movies and shows, and got a Goodreads account. Let me know if you want to get in contact there.

How're you doing, few people who read this?

Last of 2013

8 AM, Dec 31. I have made the intelligent decision to stay up all night and be utterly trashed and tired for the last day of the year, as well as the small party celebrating it. I feel like the hundreds of open tabs in my browser is a good metaphor for my life right now - try to finish one thing, end up with five more things.

Got this from callunavulgari, and my fucking hell, I have been working on this meme all month. I went back through all my tumblr posts, my library check outs, and my netflix history (which only goes back so far goddamn it) because I got hung up on "this year" and had to figure out what I saw in December as opposed to January :/ Because my brain is a pedantic perfectionist that gets hung up on the littlest things, and I have been hoarding my last thing of meds instead of taking them because my psych retired, my GP is an asshole, and the online insurance process this year has been utterly fucking sabotaged by shit-fucking piss-stained wastes of biomatter who cannot stand to see people benefit from Obamacare, so even after a stressful two-hour trip to the sign-up office in Boston, I don't know if I actually am covered by insurance come January.

So. Year in Fandom meme.

Your main fandom of the year
Pacific Rim. It's amazing.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a close second, though, because it's a consistent place I go for fic and such (and Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 provided ample inspiration).
I also really liked Rise of the Guardians, and from there got into The Big Four/Rise of the Brave Tangled Guardians, a small fandom devoted to Hiccup (How To Train Your Dragon), Rapunzel (Tangled), Jack (Rise of the Guardians), and Merida (Brave) (Personally I'd swap the last for Elsa, Anna, or Eep), and had a renewed interest in How To Train Your Dragon.
Honorable mentions: the Hobbit movies, and Hannibal.

Your favorite film watched this year
You mean in theatres? In order, I saw Django Unchained (pretty good. Really need to see it on DVD), the Croods (cute and fun, even got me tearful), Iron Man 3 (I want fic dealing with the aftermath, not just of Tony and Pepper (and Bruce the Science Bro), but of all those Extremis soldiers. Were they all... psychotic traitors? Did he recruit from mercenary contractors? Didn't any want... to negotiate or something? Talk to me, fandom), Pacific Rim (a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vU7XqToZso">FUCK YEAH</a>. It's not all about America, it's about emotional connections. It's a love letter to anime and I want to hug baby Mako Mori tearfully yet cheer for the grown woman who carves Otachi in half for her family. The movie could have gone even further in some ways, but damn do I like how far they got), Thor 2 (very Loki. much Jane. more science. not enough Frigga.), and Frozen (which I should write more thoughts on, but I like how Disney has expanded on the feminist frontier. With very nice music and the first comedy sidekick in a long time that is actually funny and endearing instead of skin-rippingly awful. Clap it out for Disney!).
I liked them all a lot, but... Pacific Rim, man. Hands down.
If not in theatres... you should know that I have a netflix account with a queue of several hundred, and first shot at the library's new inventory. I guess standouts were the Little Shop of Horrors musical (the music is so fucking infectious and brilliant), Cloud Atlas (six genres in one I'm dizzy. The film could have been better in a lot of ways, but I really liked what it was trying to do, and I'm really looking forward to the book) The Dark Knight Rises (not great, but I do want fanfiction of it), Inglourious Basterds (kinda on-level with Django. I like the ideas, the savvy, the details. Maybe it's just the gore that's a setback *shrug*), The Hogfather (my introduction to Discworld. Time to read the Death books), Red 2 (so fucking ridiculous, but Sarah's enthusiasm is so adorable, and Marvin is the team MVP), and Paranorman (PARANORMAN. MY HEART. MY BABY. Take me, Laika Animation!)
... I can't do favorites, okay?

Your favorite book read this year
Oh god, there are so many books that I've checked out and haven't finished... The few I did were:
- Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein (there's a reason it won awards. Beautiful historical fiction about two women during WWII. It's dark, clever, haunting, heartbreaking, beautiful, and strong. I can't recommend it highly enough.)
- most of the Parasol Protectorate series (steampunk fantasy, very fun. Check out the manga.)
- the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch (fantastic and quirky urban fantasy series by a guy who worked on Doctor Who, apparently? His prose flows like a screenplay, it's an impressive style. read it on rachelmanija's rec),
- Fuzzy Nation (an adaptation of the novel Little Fuzzy, a courtroom drama about an alien race's sentience that moved me to tears) and The Human Division (a continuation of the Old Man's War series that is probably the second Wham Episode) by John Scalzi (read all his sci-fi. Holy crap)

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year
The only album I bought a physical CD of was The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. All of it is fantastic! I also enjoyed Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," "Try" by P!nk, and various others (I cannot sort what came out when, music-wise. You cannot make me.)
I've also, really taken to the Pacific Rim soundtrack, and Lauren Aquilina's "King" because of this gorgeous tearjerker AMV. Lorde's cover of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" is haunting and actually gets me a little interested in the Hunger Games. Guilty pleasure of the year was probably "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus. Also I've spent a lot of time on the Steam Sale lately, so the trailer music for Bioshock Infinite (also known as "Beast" by Nico Vega) is stuck in my head for a while.

Your favorite TV show of the year
Again, netflix and library. I even have a special project at the library to recommend kids' series to the children's librarian, so I watched a lot of things like Batman Beyond, Batman the Brave and the Bold, Adventure Time, a little Danny Phantom.
But we're talking stuff that's been coming out, being talked about.
- Hannibal (jesus christ, Hannibal. It turned out surprisingly well, but I mainly kept track of it via cleolinda's recaps. So nasty, such a monstrous fucker and so frustrating. But it's beautiful and compelling. Someone please HELP WILL GRAHAM)
- Riders of Berk (a series sequel to HTTYD. It's quite good, actually answering questions about the societal changes implied by the movie's end. That kind of shit, I love.)
- Person of Interest (Jonathan Nolan makes a bet with Chris that he can make his own version of Batman, that's intense, interesting, actually has interesting female characters, and is and not broody as fuck)
- Sleepy Hollow (the premise is so, so, stupid, but Ichabod and Abbie are a brilliant, warm light of snark and comraderie)
- Elementary (oh my god it's so good. I think I like it better than BBC Sherlock in a lot of ways)
- The Newsroom (inspires hope and despair simultaneously. It's so odd how that works.)

Your favorite LJ community of the year
I haven't really joined any new ones, I've spent a lot more time on tumblr :/ But, bitter_nakano for all time.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year
Well, Pacific Rim, as I said. The discussions and observations have been wonderful, and make me appreciate the movie even more. The Hannibal fandom is absolutely adorable (flower crowns help stem the tide of despair). What I've seen of the Person of Interest fandom has also been pretty fantastic. And I really like the idea of the Big Four, not just that the characters would really work well together, but that it's a crossover fandom that just rose up on its own. Very fun.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year
There might be one that wasn't as recent, but fuck it. The mid-season arc to Person of Interest season 3. 3x9, The Crossing. If you watch it, you know what I'm talking about, if not, skip this next paragraph.
The Devil's Share handled the aftermath well and all (I really liked all the characters' flashbacks dealing with death, grief, and vengeance), but god-fucking-dammit, the death was cheap and abrupt, John's revelation to Carter was odd (I didn't mind it at the time, I figured he liked her, but in retrospect it was incomplete, badly phrased, and contradicted a lot of previously established development with Finch, effectively killing the show's casual treatment of male affection by suddenly declaring NO HOMO on a bullhorn. You cowards with your heteronormative romance instead of deep trust and friendship), they could have accomplished the same goddamn thing through other means (considering the show's various Batman comparisons, couldn't she have become Oracle or something?), and most especially, Detective Jocelyn Carter deserves better.

Your fandom boyfriend of the year
... Um. Characters I admire and enjoy watching/reading about? Will Graham, Jack Frost, Hiccup?

Your fandom girlfriend of the year
Joss Carter, Frigga, Beverly Katz, Mako Mori. Sam Shaw, Joan Watson. Dis Queen Under the Blue Mountain

Your biggest squee moment of the year
I can't measure squee. Maybe the moment Mako Mori sliced through Otachi.

The most missed of your old fandoms
I'll always miss Naruto. Sometimes I go back to the fics I was working on, but ugh do I not want to do all the research and catch-up. Also, Obito is the big bad because Rin died? FUCK. THAT.
I should catch up on My Little Pony, though. Finish season 2.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to
I've built up a to-watch list out of friends' posts. Attack on Titan, then Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black, Kuragehime. There are probably a lot of anime series I'll hear about :/

Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year
THE BOX TROLLS, I want it now 8] Also Captain America: the Winter Soldier (Bucky? :D), HTTYD 2, the final Hobbit movie (and Desolation, 'cause I still need to see that), and Hannibal season 2. BTW when the hell is Wolf Children Ame and Yuki coming out in the states? I've been looking for the thing for 8 months. Come on!

And now it's 1 AM Jan 1. Time to wind down, and sleep. Happy New Year everybody :D May 2014 treat us better.


NaNoWriMo 2013

Final count: 25152 words and a palindrome. When doubling that, it is apparently 50304 and a winner's screen. Because I pressed control-V twice. >_> My bad.
Not that I have anything approaching a novel either way. This year's project was a continuatio of last year's: writing out a bunch of intertwining stories in the World of Darkness universe. I made an attempt at writing scenes, so I have a couple actual plots on my hands, but most of the words were devoted to world-building, to hammering out my characters, their powers, beliefs, and interplay. I think part of my issue with the writing is that I've practically forgetting how to write compelling prose, I'm now much better at picturing it visually and trying to describe that. Or I ignore the prose entirely and focus on the dialog. The project was further hampered by my constantly having to check the WoD rulebooks and wikis for various things. My attempting to mash together old World of Darkness with the new series is not helping much. But I have the gist of how it goes, and now that I'm not being paid by the word, so to speak, I can edit and organize all the thoughts and disconnected ramblings.
One thing that actually helped was having a voice recorder. I just talked into it while driving for a half-hour at a time, basically dictating the words to write down later. It often got repetitive because I didn't always keep things straight in my head (and would forget that I had already covered something, at length, only to think about it again and only remember my previous progress halfway through that talk), but it was great for racking up word count :P
As it stands, I have upwards of twenty characters, at least one trait for each of them to go on, potential character arcs for half of them, one semi-solid plot to pursue, and so many character details and events that I really should put it all on a timeline. This'll be fun.
I also have thoughts on the show Grimm (because I spent a week plowing through the second season) and Thor: The Dark World, because someone decided to release it during NaNoWriMo XP I think I'll post those here:

Thoughts on Thor 2. Potential spoilersCollapse )

Thoughts on Grimm. Plot-specific, so spoilersCollapse )

Man, I maybe should have edited those sections. ... Anyway.
I think this is also my first entry in the better part of a year? Sorry about that. I want to write more often, but I guess it's a matter of setting aside a time, and willing yourself to do that instead of watch something, play a game, or something else. Apparently LJ has had a draft of something in here since February. Apparently it was a sleep-writing exercise. It's out of date, and goes in many different directions, but I'll keep it around. It's a good exercise if nothing else.
Now, for December, which I shall try to devote to my library rentals, bookmarked fanfiction, neglected video games, and story editing. I also want to make time to write here more. I'll try. I suppose I have enough to talk about.
- Been watching, reading, playing, and hearing a lot of stories lately. So I want to put forward various fanfiction ideas, and see other people's reactions and if anyone's tackled them already (for example, the Grimm paragraph above). Perhaps cross-posting to tumblr would be good for this.
- I can ask for feedback about certain aspects of this WoD story, posting about one character or setting at a time (example: five of the characters run a farm together. Am I doing any aspects wrong?).
- And there have been some things going on for me in real life that I should respond to through writing.
Hope it happens. I know LJ doesn't seem to be as active as it used to, but I've been reading your posts. Hope you're still reading too. I also hope you guys transitioned to Autumn well, that your Thanksgiving was good and that Black Friday didn't kill you. May December treat us even better.
Laters <3


What is it about Halloween, huh?

I was going to head out to Boston for my friend's birthday, but I was hearing too much about Hurricane Sandy to risk getting stuck there for a week. Again. As predicted, this storm is terrible.
... Not much here, though. We seem to be doing okay. Lot of wind and rain yesterday, but we didn't lose power, don't see any damage outside either. It would've been just a mild storm if not for the news footage. I'm more worried about our friends.
We spent yesterday watching the news feed on youtube -- very nice service, that -- and staying inside. Dad baked a tart, we had a good dinner, I kept checking in with my friends via facebook. Haven't heard from anyone this morning yet. I'm not even sure Mom and I are volunteering at the library today, it may be closed as a precaution. But it's not raining right now, not even windy, though forecast says that's going to pick up today. I can even see some blue sky!

In other news, things are going well. The WoD games are fun, went to the CT Renaissance Faire on Pet Weekend, and I'm actually making progress towards a job in photography. I'm still planning on doing NaNo, and have some ideas for fun scenes, even if it will end up a pile of vignettes.

All for now, I guess. I hope you're all okay and don't get the worst from the storm. Happy early Halloween, if I don't write again tomorrow. Be safe.

Started writing Oct 5, 3 AM

Man, all that talk about pushing myself to not miss a day and I have been remiss. My apologies. Probably not going to post until hours after writing this, because it's really late and I'm probably putting typos everywhere. Writing without looking at the screen = fun times.
Well, I applied for a job. Not a big job, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up. The local malls' Halloween stores have opened up, and they're looking for warm bodies for the month. I think that'd be really fun to work in, so I took note of the website and checked it out once I got home. The site itself seems to be an online job application thing, so that's nice. Though it doesn't seem to-- well it says it lists job opps in my area, but when I searched after finishing the application, it said there were none. A little bit hard to believe. Anyway, hoping to hear back from the shop in Hadley soon. I've never worked in retail, but I think this would be a fun place to start.
Also went shopping yesterday - found the Marvel movies with special features for cheap, so picked up Iron Man and Incredible Hulk. Also found a lot of World of Darkness books for a bargain. I feel a little guilty about the whim purchase, but that's another reason I applied to the Halloween store. I will apply to more if I get rejected, and just... keep hunting. Short term: day-to-day job. Long term... dreams. Working in animation, or cinematography. I have passion; it is unfocused.
Volunteering at the library in the morning to early afternoon. There's a big pile of unopened boxes oat my workstation, so we'll probably be cataloging a lot of new books. Hooray. Though, after Tuesday, it's not like we're falling behind. I'd cleared so much off the shelves, I was looking for more things to do.
The weather's been rather awful of late. Beautiful fall foliage against a dull, slate grey sky. And after sunset, the clouds muffle the light so everything's in a dark, dark grey murk. Also it's humid as all get-out.
Gonna try to to say fewer unpleasant words. Don't want to upset customers >_>; I think I'm fairly good about that, but it's not 100 percent. I think the whole concept of words being harmful and taboo is kinda silly, but why not avoid conflict. Judging by some of the questions that job app asked, I should expect shoplifting co-workers, unreasonable bosses, etc. I'll try not to cause problems, just to make things a little easier.
I don't know if I'm making sense. I'm trying to write myself to sleep, which worked for me once a long time ago. Unfortunately I might be too focused on the keyboard to properly relax. Curses. Haven't really done much with my WoD story either. Maybe I should just end the log here and try going to sleep the normal way.

I'll leave it here for now. I dont feel like editing just yet. Night.
Sure enough, more than 12 hours later :P Not much else has happened since - sure enough, had a lot of books to process, but got through all of it within a couple hours. Also had good weather, finally, so I spent a lovely afternoon outside, waiting for the store to call me back. Still hoping. Later ^_^

Oh, PS - Oct 03, NEVER FORGET. Go watch Fullmetal Alchemist ^_^

Summer Dreams, 1

Can't think of anything specific to write about, but I can't use that as an excuse to not post. Need to keep momentum while I can.
So, as I mentioned in the massive post yesterday, I've been having very weird dreams. Most of highschool and college, I rarely remembered the few dreams I had, but since I've been taking a pill to help my mood, my dreams have been pretty consistently vivid and memorable. They even have a few running themes, like me failing to take care of pet rats >_> Or having to do with film. A lot of them seem rather meta in their structure. Of course a fair number are also flinch-awake disturbing, but that just gives me more plot-fodder :P

In one dream I had a while back, I was minding the class of Magic School Bus, and recommended Carlos read Naruto because of the central story of a boy overcoming prejudices and trying to prove himself (before it was hijacked by our favorite brunet brooding brigade); I also idly thought that Phoebe would enjoy Fruits Basket.
That was shortly followed by an adventure of 4 heroes: my POV, another woman, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and David Boreanez in Hero Mode (though I remember specifically calling him Seeley. Too much Bones). We were supposed to protect a guy, but he and Seeley got shot. At the same time, from opposite directions, in the heart (though there wasn't actually that much blood). I remember when applying pressure to the wound that our charge didn't feel like a person, more... squishy. Made of worms. It wasn't clear whether he survived. And there was magic involved - think my POV was a caster - and we teleported to a idol shrine manned by a young Tibetan (?) boy on the edge of a cliff face where Seeley almost fell off. I remember there was also a quiet character scene with Spike in a large barnhouse. I wish I could remember the details better.

Another dream I had was inspired by the Dr. Seuss aesthetic. At least, it used the boy from the Lorax as a character model, though I remember being aware enough to thing this was an adaptation of one of his other works, about prejudice or something. A secluded village of small creatures is beset by a spider-like beast who preys on those who speak. They've managed to circumvent this by developing a very quiet lifestyle, until Nameless Human Boy comes stumbling upon the town. They take him in, though he's twice their size (but small for his age, apparently), and I think the crux of the story was him finding a way to bring peace between the sprites and the spider. There may have been a gender-flip Beauty and the Beast thing going on between Boy and Spider (whom I visualized as Rosie from Bug's Life and Miss Spider from James and the Giant Peach). Don't remember how it all ended, but I do remember thinking it could have an interesting development.

Think that's all I'm going to do tonight. I'm going to poke more at my WoD character list. Later.

So, Happy October. What the hell.

Um. Things I've Done These Past Few Months so I don't look like I do absolutely nothing with my abundance of time >_>
- did a week-long house/petsitting job for my art teacher, looking after her five dogs and two cats. That was fun. While there I watched the Willy Wonka movies back to back which made for good comparisons (and reminded me again how obnoxious commercials are) and WALL-E twice.
- Friends visited for a few days from VA. It was fun catching up with them. C's engaged now, I's a college junior, and baby H is now in highschool. But we still got along like we used to.
- tried various video games. I really enjoyed the demos of Braid and Analog: A Hate Story, and am keeping an eye out for their sales. I clocked 40 hours over five days playing Realm of the Mad God before realizing I needed to break away back to my real life. And to my delight, my library also rents out DS games. Dream Chronicles was seriously mediocre and as a hit-screen-to-locate-items game it did not lend itself to the DS's small size. Sands of Destruction... I still need to finish. It's interesting at least, with such a... bizarre moral stance at the outset. You want to destroy the world, because you hate watching the people on it suffer. This was the motivation of the FFX villain. And this is what we're rooting for: the psycho of the World Annihilation Front, and the inexplicably-powerful kid who got a crush on her at first sight. Thank story-writers for the other PCs, who are at least tolerable, and it does get better as it goes on. I think the story is trying for a Tales of (Insert Here) thing, of many different characters with different motivations uniting on one quest (not unique to them, but still), and it is engaging and has some interesting ideas. I do plan to check out the anime adaptation (how did that get green-lit?) on Hulu once I finish. Fun will be had.
- Speaking of Hulu, I also watched a fair amount. Got through season 3 of Castle (love it all) and season 6(?) of Bones (oh you strange story. You're not well-written, but your characters are so endearing), started 2nd season of Grimm (it's neat), finished the first half of Gurren Lagaan (not favorite, but love the enthusiasm. I will get back to it when I can), and all of Puella Magi Madoka Magica (holy shit that is an intense series. Definitely recommend). Seen movies too: Source Code (slick writing), John Carter (pretty damn fun. why does no one love this?), some comedy sketches, etc. Also, The Avengers.
- Mom has volunteered at the local library for a couple years now, and actually just got hired by them because she already knew the system better than anyone else they could have brought in. Since then, I've been volunteering with her, helping process new items and various other tasks. I've also been using that time to check out a lot of their music cds, like Meat Loaf, Ben Folds Five, all the Sarah Brightman albums. Also DVDs like Batman: The Brave and The Bold (which is kind of magnificent, and strangely adorable), and The Avengers, on its release date, 2 minutes after I had finished processing it ^_^
- So. Much. Gardening for Dad and me. It's been a summer of ground cherries, tomatoes and mater sandwiches. Now it's an autumn of leeks and pawpaws. It's been amazing. I think I'm going to try growing some fruit plants in the house just to see if I can.
- Mom and I have continued painting classes, though we had to miss a few weeks recently. I'm working on a portrait of my Promethean character, Abel. In addition, we learned how to spin yarn at the senior center, and now we participate in weekly craft nights there.
- Job stuff... applying here and there. Went to an informal interview. Offered to do a photography job for the woman who taught us to spin, will see where that goes. Stared at the resume and worried my mother. Bright spot, though: I have an idea for a business venture that no one else seems to have approached. Instead of overthinking it down to the last detail, maybe I should just approach people to get the idea out there.
- Also, school has started, and so have new seasons of Elysium and Changeling. Elysium's going well so far. There are only a few players, but that means we can break it down to just a tabletop with a linear plot and different pacing. That being said, I need to step it up as a GM ^^; Keep it engaging and give these characters something to invest in. The Changeling GMs seem to be a well-oiled machine, good for them. The new setting is engaging and starkly different than what we've dealt with before. I'm also enjoying my new character, an anthropomorphic cephalopod repairman with no social skills, no name, and little mobility outside of water. Still figuring out specifics of how to play hir, but I'm having a blast so far.

Son of a bitch, it's after midnight. Ahem.
So, if I'm going to pick a month to get back into writing, it should probably be the one before NaNoWriMo. Because that's a thing I ostensibly do; that's why I created this journal in the first place. And I do have an idea for what I want to do. Probably not the Obito story I've mentioned to a couple people in light of the nonsense-fest that is the recent Naruto chapters (unless I'm smacked in the face by the inspiration bug. That does happen), but a quasi-original story. By quasi, I mean stories with original characters set in the World of Darkness RPG system. I have a lot of game characters I've retired whose journeys I'd like to continue, elaborate on, take in new directions; concepts in the books I think would be fun to try out; and characters from original settings I'd like to try applying to the WoD. I've entertained the notion of starting a webcomic with them (because there are D&D comics, Exalted comics and even Warhammer comics, but I haven't found any WoD comics), even though the system if followed would be my own picking and choosing of the rules and metaplot because the WoD... underwent a rebirth that cut out or just changed a lot of the lore. For example, Vampire: Masquerade and Vampire Requiem are a reorganization of basically the same plot with some specific differences, whereas Changeling: The Dreaming and Changeling: the Lost are two very, very different beasts.
This is getting long. Anyway, that's what I'm planning on. Over October I'm going to try writing (again), about characters and plot musings. Maybe include some of my dreams, because the pill I'm on seems to make them incredibly weird, and I should probably record some of the details for use later.
Let me know how you're doing ^)^ Over and out.

ETA: Just contrasted this with my previous entry back in July. All I can think is: Fuck. I have been sorting through the wedding photos but still am not done. Still have not written my stories down. So many things that have been on my to-do list for months. Now that big long list of things I did feels as TLDR as you probably think it is.
My therapist says a little progress at a time is okay. That's comforting, but I... do need to get my act together.

Back from Wales; Try again for July

Really tired; ever since I got back I've been falling asleep before midnight. It's quite a change.
Wales was utterly amazing, and I would have written earlier, but I'm still organizing all my photos, videos, recordings, and notes so I can tell my stories coherently. I am nothing if not slightly nuts in the way I overthink things.
But I wanted to get something in by now (because it's a new month! Ha ha.). My week home has been surprisingly busy, with the data-organizing, rediscovering old photo sets and how I really, really, should do things with them, and that our backup drive is fast reaching capacity and I had to clear off my old external to make room for more stuff 9_9
Add to that various commitments in town and with friends - went to a housewarming party last night that was very nice. I made Welsh Cakes, because I badly want to perfect that recipe.
Also gonna back together a resume and apply for an internship with a local news station; looking forward to doing that. Today at a dedication, I ran into the same cameraman I met at another town event, and helped him set up all the sound equipment. Nasty heat, but everything went fine. Working with tech would be really fun ^_^

Think that's all for now. I will try to write again soon, with stories of Wales! After I post the Wedding Album :P It was fantastic.


Think this is my 101st entry

So much for tying that with the 100 Things meme, or keeping to frequent posts. Blar.

At the time, I forgot that I was going to Wales for a week and didn't anticipate how unprepared I would be and what I'll I'd need to do in the meantime. Now I'm leaving in about 12 hours and I'm still woefully unprepared. At least my clothes are mostly packed, my other stuff is in a pile, I think I've got everything as far as customs goes, and I told the card companies I'd be out of the country. Still need to back up my harddrives if I have time order bus ticket from Heathrow, and make a list of things I should see while there. Big Ben, the Thames, the Royal Guardsmen, Constables... maybe Stonehenge... the door they used for 221 Bakerstreet in Sherlock... Big Ben...
I'll hopefully add to and improve the list when I'm actually there. And by then I'll have found a sim card for my phone from Japan (which will hopefully work), gotten a couple adaptors (because the ones I have apparently won't work), and gotten to Swansea unscathed and unmugged. With luck.

I feel sick. I hope it's just butterflies.

In other news, I've at least got an actual storyline brewing with a definite list of characters. In the WoD: A small group of Hunters and allies face off against a Garou pack and save some kids, one of which is a Supernatural they haven't encountered before. He introduces them to others in the community and together they start building up a decent Hunter organization. Also subplots about Hunters being Imbued, a dying kid making a Geist pact, and the failboat vampire of the crew accidentally getting himself a ghoul because blood is the only medicine at his disposal. Still working on the details.

It's almost 5 and I still have things to do. When next I post, I will likely be in Wales ^_^ Hope everything's good with you. Peace.